Career and Appearance

Career & Appear­ance — “consis­tent, coherent, impactful — your way to your goal”.
It’s about your next career step, about YOUR concerns around job and career. Often it is about planning the next profes­sional step that fits your values, goals and strengths. Or your current employ­ment relation­ship is coming to an end and it is a matter of concluding with your previous employer and quickly finding a new employ­ment relation­ship. Or you want to be more effec­tive and clear in challenging profes­sional situa­tions or even conflict situa­tions at work. Or your next profes­sional step is clear and you need profes­sional appli­ca­tion documents and want to train job inter­views. It is about YOUR specific topics around profes­sional (re)orientation and career planning and YOUR goals and the imple­men­ta­tion. You are clear and ready for your next step, know your successes and strengths, gain profes­sional meaningful documents and appear authentic and convincing in interviews.